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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Can Human Potential Be Measured? A Psychological View

In this fascinating Fobes' article,  contributor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic makes a compelling case that human potential can in fact be measured, saying that "tests can be used to accurately predict what people will do in the future, whereas theories are relevant mainly if we want to explain why the predictions were accurate."

He provide a list of principles such as "humans are consistent" and that we have a certain style, that is on "autopilot" meaning that our choices have reason and therefore are not random, meaning our potential's can be measured.  Chamorro-Premuzic addresses probability and says that while humans unlike squirrels have a " big repertoire of potential behaviours to pick from, and most of the situations we are immersed in are characterised by complexity and ambiguity."  This probability, he argues, is in fact one of the principles that makes human potential meausurable.   The natural question is "what do you think" is the very thing he suggest doesn't matter.  For it isn't what we think about human potential that matters. What matters to him is that human potential is measurable.    What do you think is human potential measurable?  Read his article then come back and share your thoughts.   Make certain to stay tuned for more articles, insights and news on how to tap into your potential, regardless of whether it's measurable, or not!