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4 years ago
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4 years ago

Read about how greatness is TRULY measured.

  1. tonyberkman 

    that is an inspiring blog post since it seems as if tend to be taught to seek external reference for greatness. The problem with that is until one recognizes it inside yourself, it's difficult to ever tap into greatness.

    • 8/24/14
      1. jolyngardner 

        I fell into that seek everything outside of yourself trap. It is a learned behavior that I think I learned in school. Once unlearned, it can make all the difference in how you approach things in life. This was really a defining moment for me at a time when I felt uninspired and was pretty hard on myself. I am just now getting more and more comfortable with my inherent greatness. I hope you will too!

        • 8/25/14
        • tonyberkman 

          Im sure you're right it is learned behaviour. It's culturally indoctrinated too. We are brainwashed by most of what we hear and see in society -- unless we make the effort to look for deeper meaning. The journey of unlearning to not look outside oneself isn't that easy but it seems to vital if we are going to live more gentle lives of greatness. You're so right on with looking outside of ourselves having a connection to being really hard on oneself. It isn't a gentle process when we continue bash ourselves for not achieving based on an "outside criteria" since the line always moves and it is never enough.

          • 8/25/14