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Have you Been to a "Fat Camp"?

A recent Article in Elle.com share's Daphne Merkin's experience.  You can read it here


When Daphne Merkin learned she had diabetes, she knew she had to get serious about dropping pounds. Which is how she landed in a no-frills weight-loss center in the North Carolina woods. Could she last even a day? Would it matter if she did?

Have you been to a "Fat Camp"?  

What were the results?

  1. shelton 

    Very interesting article.

    I was very happy to see Daphne's revelation that....."what really made the whole experience worthwhile—and, indeed, came as something of a revelation—was the painstaking psychological exploration of my distorted relationship with food through classes and support groups."

    As someone with 20+ years of continuous (and grateful) recovery from a trio of food disorders, the majority of people, who don't dig deep into understanding their own true relationship with food, may check into all the fat camps in the world, lose literally tons of weight, but may never really find the answers they seek.

    Of course not all people who are overweight have core issues with food, but many do. Some people struggling with their weight just don't understand that if you only eat carbs, your body will continue to get larger. Others may hate to exercise or make the commitment to take better care of their bodies.

    Bottom line, I have never been to a fat camp.

    Luckily I have been to many rooms with lots of chairs arranged in circles where others shared their stories. I've also logged many years with a therapist who helped me find my own core issues with food and my body.

    I'm just glad to see that the fat camp Daphne Merkin went to made sure to offer those types of classes and meetings.

    Kudos to Daphne. It sounds like she's well on her way to learning to love her body.

    • 10/25/14