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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Hey People Are Turned Off By The Way You Talk

You could be a great guy or gal, yet people are turned off by you.  Perhaps you know it consciouslly or have a subuconscious awareness or gut feeling that "something isn't right" because you find yourself thinking thoughts such as "people don't really listen to me when I speak".  It could be that you find people "always" disagreeing with you.   It may also be that you are clueless that people are turned off by the way you talk, or not.  

Kristi Hedges, one of the world "leading" leadership coaches and author of THE POWER OF PRESENCE has written an insightful article titled, "Five Communication Traits That Turn People Off."   If you are focused on personal development, getting ahead in your organization or simply being more powerful in any area of your life then we recommend your read her article.  

Typically it's our blind-spots, or areas of our way of being that we "don't know that we don't know" about that get us stuck or cause us to repeatedly face the  same challenges.  One of the best ways to identify blind spots is to identify how  certain traits or characteristics or ways of being affect others.  Once we are able to learn about them, it then becomes easier to identify them within ourselves.  Identification of one's blindspots is half the challenge.   Head on over and read Kristi's great post at "Five Communication Traits That Turn People Off, then come back and share if you identified any that may apply to you.  Stay tuned to GrowthTap for the latest insights and news on tools that will provide you with access to tap into the vast potential that lies within you.