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4 years ago
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  • tonyberkman
4 years ago
How do you know if you're an entrepreneur?

It's something experiential.   It encompasses fear and artistry.  Much of being an entrepreneur is about bringing something into the world that has never existed before.   It's a form of art, that separates a business owner from an entrepreneur.   There's plenty to be admired about business owners and many entrepreneurs turn into business owners once their creation is in the world and systems, processes and people to distribute the service or product are in place.   The above point to what an entrepreneur is though doesn't capture the essence of an entrpreneur with as  much clarity as the inspiration hand-drawn art created by James Clear.  We received the following piece and believe it to be true and powerful and clearly shares the message to an entrepreneur that what they have, the fear they possess,  is a natural sign that they are involved in the entrepreneurial process and while there will be fear, it is this fear that is indicative that one is on the entrepreuneurial journey.  

For more inspirational and powerful art visit the amazingly talented James Clear at his site JamesClear  then return to LaLuxore with your new found inspiration and stay tuned in for more great insights and thoughts from the world's leading trainers, coaches and philosphers,  designed to tap you into your true potential.