4 years ago
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4 years ago
How To Train Like a Fighter Without Getting Into the Ring?

There's a reason its called fighting shape though who really wants to get beaten up in the process. Well there is also a way to get into that kind of shape without taking a pounding.

  1. anette200 

    I think this kind of training would waste my entire energy in a couple of minutes. I don’t want to look like a fighter but most of them do look good so I will do a bit more research to see what kind of exercises they actually do and what they are eating to stay lean.

    • 9/14/14
      1. hrvo50 

        I agree. I would waste my entire energy too very soon. But I would like to look like a fighter

        • 9/27/14
        • tonyberkman 

          Training to fight is some of the most fun exercise because there is so much variety plus it works. No need to fight just train to be in "fighting shape."

          • 9/27/14