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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Just Love.

A beautiful, authentic, heart felt post written by the amazing Danielle Laporte, where she starts off by saying, "You know what I want? I want JUST LOVE. Something so pure it transmutes my terror of not getting what I want into what I want the most: JUST LOVE."

That's simply her opening to a powerfully written blog post about tapping into the true gift of life and moving away somewhat from what we've come to know as personal development to an "authentic way of being."  To a place where we a real.

Here's one more snippet from her must read post, if you are into truly being an extaordinary human being making a difference on and to this planet and the people you are connected to:

"You know what I want? Less plastic and more mindfulness. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. I want to see images of real women — that have not been Photoshop’d into impossible alien creatures in articles and news stories about the truth, written and produced by women who were properly paid to write and produce."

You know what I want? For you to read Danielle's blog post,  Just Love Declaration, take it in,  feel her love and hunger for a life of meaning.   Then come back here,  share your thoughts, or simply tune-in for the latest insights, news and discoveries each focusing on getting you to tap into your potential - for .... LOVE!