4 years ago
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  • tonyberkman
4 years ago
Live Like a Caveman and Lose Weight

The Paleo Diet is a modern nutritional approach sometimes called the Stone Age diet or Caveman diet. The diet advocates eating a diet with plenty of unprocessed, meat and fish, non starchy vegetables and fruit and avoiding dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils and refined sugar. Most people that try this diet feel much healthier in a short space of time, lose weight, have more energy and previously ill health and chronic aches and pains frequently disappear.  

Have you been on it?  What did you experience?  Read the rest of the post over at millienium health where you'll get an in depth anyalysis of the Paleo Diet then return to GrowthTap for the latest, trending news and leading edge reports on nutrition, and diets for tapping int your ture potential.