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Lose The Fear Of Being Wrong & Unleash That Untapped Genius Within

We love the quote that Kummy the blogger of Tales from a Mute   --  and the post that she writes along side it.   She's a published poet and a student of life with a passion for writing and impacting lives through poetry.

Everyone is a creative person - some of us simply haven't yet discovered that.    Head on over to Kummy's blog and read her article THE TALE OF EVERY CREATIVE PERSON - remembering that it's about EACH & EVERY ONE OF US.  Any belief that you are not creative is just that.  It's a belief.  We are born with creativity.  Growing up, our backgrounds, circumstances,  things that were said, our interpretations and reinterprations of those events result in us losing that connection with our creative soul.    

We believe that to tap into your creative genius requires tapping into that part of you that at some point -- who knows when --- was hidden, shut off by a decision you made either consciouslly or unconsciouslly.    It's time to start going back there and getting to the heart of who you are.