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Marijuana centers kicked off iTunes, Facebook, Instagram

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that "Oakland’s Harborside Health Center — one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the country — maintained a Facebook page for five years without any complaints. Harborside officials say Facebook’s only explanation was an on-screen message that read: 'We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use.'"   What's interesting, as the Chronicle reports is that "in response to The Chronicle, a spokeswoman for Facebook and Instagram said the companies’ guidelines do not allow the promotion of the sale of illegal content. Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo said that when dispensary officials pointed out that many of their competitors were continuing to operate Facebook pages, representatives from the social network told them to file online complaints about the violators."  We checked out whether dispensaries are currently on Facebook and there are a few


Visit the Chronicle for an interesting read and although it doesn't focus on the health benefits associated with medical marijuana it certainly shines light on the conflicts, hypocricy and challenges faced by both marijuana dispensaries and companies that  have a world wide presence. reports that "legal marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the U.S."  Perhaps emphasis needs to be placed on the word "gorwing."   They also have a great article where the U.S. Surgeon General acknowledges medical benefits of cannabis.  Check out the article and then come back to GrowthTap for the latest, trending news on health, growth and tapping into your full potential.