3 years ago
Pure Power Panda: Acai Berries – Are they as good as people say?

Ever since Oprah introduced the Acai Berry as a superfood in her show, people have been going crazy about this little berry. It is said to aid weight loss, decrease wrinkles and even increase one's lifespan. But since there's so little research done, people are sceptic. I've written about this superfood a couple of years ago and just recently I tested it in a highly dosed pill form.

Acai berries are grown in the Brasilian Rain Forest. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. There's no doubt the açaí berry is a healthy berry. But is it as good as the manufacturers and even Oprah claim?

Like I said, little research has been done so far and I wonder why. Now that this berry is everywhere, isn't it about time some scientist got to the bottom of it?

Today I want to put together what little research has been done so far and tell you about my experience with the highly dosed acai pills I've been taking.