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Pure Power Panda: Motivating Monday: Trust the Subconscious

Worrying is unhealthy, it is a waste of energy and it will definitely get you nowhere. But let's be honest: We all have things we could worry about. So how do we stop these feelings of anxiety and stress?

  1. grasshopperkm 

    When my children were little, I worried much more too much. (My youngest sister had been killed several years earlier by a drunk driver.) Now my anxiety is noticeable to others and less so to me. Recently my son was scheduled for collarbone surgery after breaking the bone snowboarding. After 3 months it hadn't healed and he was going to have a plate put in connecting the inch between two halves. In the reception area, I looked at a board listing those in the operating room and those in pre-op. My son's name was listed as pre-op. As I watched a red line crossed out his name. A nurse appeared at my side and I thought she was alarmed. I felt merely puzzled. The nurse wrapped an arm around me and said if it was cancer, someone would arrive soon to discuss it with me. "Cancer?!"
    A moment later he and his girlfriend appeared: Operation cancelled. The bone at the 11th hour appeared to be healing.

    • 3/30/15
      1. purepowerpanda 

        Dear grasshopperkm, I am so sorry for your loss and the struggles you are forced to face. I can't imagine how you must be feeling and I wish you a lot of strength to be able to deal with your worries; I hope you'll be able to not let them paralyze you. I'm so happy your son is well!

        • 3/31/15
        • grasshopperkm 

          Thanks, I'm fine and have a tendency to let my subconscious run riot. As a writer, I spend a lot of time with my subconscious, which is not polite but very generous. The danger is that even when I think I'm suppressing what should be private, it's all too obvious. Perhaps because my subconscious is so closely and constantly attuned to my conscious self. But it may be a family trait. My mother sometimes says things she doesn't know consciously because she actively denies them.
          As for more people paying closer attention to their subconscious--for truth or self-improvement or even to recognize one's secret fears and dreams--I'm a hundred percent in favor of it. We might still make mistakes, but we're aware of our deepest feelings and can be honest about them.

          • 4/02/15