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4 years ago
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  • jolyngardner
  • tami.winbush
4 years ago
  1. tami.winbush 

    I've been quite slack with NaBloPoMo lately, I've just not enough thoughts in my dome that I think someone wants to read. But I'm not a rough draft kinda person. You are truly an amazing person doing all you do with pictures and everything, I know they bring more people in and have your readers attention more focused, but...I just can't seem to get them in there like I should. I liked your off your head post. Thanks for sharing.

    • 11/05/14
      1. jolyngardner 

        Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

        I will share with you what I had to tell myself before embarking on this NaBloPoMo journey:


        Your thoughts, your perspective...YOU--it's actually more than enough!

        • 11/07/14