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Startup Rally Health wants to play games with your health

With rising health care costs and for many a more stagnant lifestyle than previous generations technologies out of San Francisco are coming up with creative ways to get humans to engage in healthy living.   We all pretty much know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, though few of us take the necessary actions.

Rally Health is gamifying the business of living a healthier lifestyle.    They are using a "game-like-reward" system where you receive rewards for engaging in certain healthy activies such as - you guessed it - working out three times a week,  and staying away from sugar,  and if you smoke,  cutting back on the habit.

 "The whole purpose of the company today is to really put health in the hands of the consumer, and we’ve been focused on that by building a data-driven platform that creates an increasing engagement," said chief operating officer David Ko, to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Behave in healthy ways and you'll be entered in drawings for prizes such as gift cards, gadgets,  and other giveaways.     Would you change your behaviour if you knew you were earning points and possible rewards?  Head on over the read the full article located at  and then return to GrowthTap for the latest on tapping into your true potential.