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Three Simple Steps To Regain Control Of Your Focus

What we achieve comes down to what we focus on.   That's why "whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right," as Henry Ford said.  

How do we control our focus when our minds seem to have a mind of their own?  Here are three simple steps you can use to gain control of your  focus.

The  first step is to relax.  Mediation is perhaps the greatest way to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation and to regain a sense of control.  Once you become the observer rather than the reactor to life's events you'll be in a much better place to start focusing on what matters most to you.   Things will start to happen as if by divine intervention, and perhaps by divine intervention.

Where do you start to relax?   As I'm writing this post an email from Brian Johnson,  showed up.  Brian, if you don't already know him, is a modern day philosopher, entrepreneur, founder of Philosopher's Notes, a site where he shares short reviews called, you got it, "Philosophers Notes" of the world's leading thinkers.   "Breathe and Focus" is the title of today's email and in it Brian shares, in part, the following quote,  from the book "Mind Gym" by Gary Mack.  The quote drives home the importance of our mental state and focus. 

“Oxygen is energy—it’s juice. Oxygen helps relax muscles and clear the mind. When you hold your breath, you are creating pressure and a nervous feeling. Athletes who choke start to become nervous about being nervous. Anxious about being anxious. One psychologist says anxiety is excitement ‘without the breath.’...Over the years I have handed out thousands of little stickers to athletes that read ‘Breathe and Focus.’"  

Mind Gym is one of those books that will give you the tools to focus.  Head on over to Brian Johnson's site at "Mind Gym" where you'll find a fabulous video presented by Brian about Mind Gym, and the quote, "Whatever your age, whatever your game, you can learn how to stay focused."  If getting focused and performaing at a higher level in any area of your life is important to you, then I urge you to watch the video.

The second step is to ask yourself what is most important to you in your life?   Write your answers down. Then keep these answers close by so that you have a list or reminder of the things in life that matter most. These are the keys to your focus.   Once you know them you'll be able to more easily get yourself to focus on what matters most to you.  Without them it's like travelling in a strange land without a map or GPS - you're lost. 

The final step is to take what's most important to you - whether it's relationships,  finances, business,  family, physical health and use technology rather than having technology use you.   Utilize your calendar to set reminders,  set text alerts,   display photos on your phone, on you watch,  on your to do app all reminding you of what's most important to you in life.   The outcome here is to make certain that you keep these most important items in front of you as constant reminders of what matters most.  

By knowing what's most important to you, you'll start to discover that it becomes much easier to plan your day, week, month, and ultimately your life.   

    • 2/13/15