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4 years ago
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  • tonyberkman
4 years ago
Will I Ever Heal?

Old news: There's not shortage of personal development coaches and self help books many focused on healing.   Even when we read a book by some of the greatest personal development coaches in the world,  our lives often don't change.   Why is this?  

At LaLuxore we believe that things have to happen in the physical world.  It takes action to change. Now you're thinking, "well, right,  duh,  I know that, obviously it takes action to make changes."  

Yes, that's right and many of these personal development books share how to take action, yet many people still fail to act.  Perhaps even you?  Given this seeming pedicament it's somewhat challenging to find articles and insights that are truly actionable and make a ton of sense.  

It isn't that they don't exist.  They do.  It's that we are flooded with so much information that it can be darn confusing to know what to do. The result is we often do nothing perhaps because we turn our challenges into predicaments.  

There really is a way to heal.  There turly are ways to transform your life?   It's going to take "relating" or what Talia Marcheggia  calls the "therapeutic relationship," in a great article over at The Emotionalyst.

We highly recommend you read it, especially if your'e frustrated with the way things are turning out - or not turning out and the pain keeps lingering.  It's a geat read and you can find it at The Emotionalyst, then come back to LaLuxore and share your thoughts about the "therapeutic relationship" then stay tuned for that latest, bleeding edge (yes bleeding edge) insights and differentiators that will give you the ability to tap into your true potential.    

Image Credit: "Flickr - Ion Chibzii - "Findings-out of relations" (youth of 60th years)" by Ion Chibzii from Chisinau. , Moldova.  via Wikimedia Commons