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4 years ago
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  • tonyberkman
4 years ago

If you could sit across from an 18-20 year old version of yourself, what advice do you think you might give him or her?,”  is a question asked by Corey Poirier - the incredibly humble, and empowering man, award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author -  at the end of many of his Podcast's "The Passion Cure".   

In his recent blog post, titled, "You'll be okay" Poirier offers insightful advice taken from his own life experience.   Unlike much personal development coaching focusing on the future  by including excercises such as visualizations, and perhaps incantations, ways to to in some regard become "someone other than oneself",  Poirier points the reader in an extremely important direction, that if you "get it" will transform your life.    

Do me (or really you) a huge favor and read his blog post at and then return to GrowthTap and tune in as we'll be featuring an interview with Poirier - that we had the privilege of doing recently - where he shares powerful "value bombs" that when applied will enable you to tap into and unleash your "online" potential.