4 years ago
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  • nhospitalmedina
4 years ago
You're not exercising .... AGAIN?

Many of us know the drill.  We get psyched and are at the gym, our food intake is healthy and optimized,   we're living a primal life.  Then it falls apart.  What happened to cause it?  

In an excellent post on Mike Goncalves of The Wellness Bucket explores this cycle of "on again, off again performance."

As he elegantly says, "ne week you’re on the top of the world; eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling great. The next week, you’ve had more beers than you can count, exercise is non-existent, and you feel like total crap."  Ok, you know this and so do we.   The key is what to do about it and Mike lays out a simple 6 step process to ending this pattern.  It's great advice.   Head on over to read it at then return to GrowthTap for the latest, greatest insights, news and cutting edge technologies about tapping into your true potential.

Until next time ... get on it! ;)